Get the tools your business needs.

Replace strategic planning with strategic thinking.

Attend one of our two-day workshops and learn a simple approach to strategy.

  • Change your thinking.

    There's a reason that strategic plans often fail. Hear what the gurus and experts say about strategy and why a different approach is needed.

  • Learn a fresh approach.

    S2A's platform was developed to address organizations' needs from the inside out. It's a natural fit, not a forced initiative.

  • Become more strategic.

    Our approach teaches you to spot emerging opportunities (and threats) at a safe distance, giving you time to think, learn, and adapt.

  • Act on what you know.

    Discovery is just the first step. Learn to facilitate discussion within your organization and how to decide on the best course of action.

What will I get out of a workshop?

At a Strategy to Action workshop, Founder Brad Brezinski will share an effective approach to strategy that is simple and repeatable. Following S2A’s Inside-Out strategy framework, you will gain an understanding of why traditional strategic plans fail and get equipped with tools to develop your strategic skills and apply them in your organization.

Strategy should not be a binder on your shelf or an extra initiative that adds onto your existing responsibilities. Strategy is about the series of decisions that you and your employees make on a daily basis — and the values and vision that guide them.

What it costs